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Evidencing stories and ideas that drive positive changes.

We're very grateful to find incredible people to collaborate with and have the chance to develop such special projects for brands, institutions, advocacy organisations, foundations and NGOs:

*a special thanks to Johanna Schwartz and all the lovely people at Soapbox.

NOMA is a Motion Design and Animation collective creating visual content and solutions to help communicate ideas to build a better world.

SIPRI - Stockholm International Peace Research Institute | BEUC - The European Consumer Organisation | Gppi - Global Public Policy Institute | FAU - Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg | ICS - International Chamber of Shipping | IMO - International Maritime Organization | NYU - New York University | CIC - Center on International Cooperation | CGIAR - Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research | CJI - Centre for Justice Innovation | SEI - Stockholm Environment Institute | The Alphagrid media (The Financial Times) | Oxchain



Art Direction, Animation, Illustration,

Motion Design, Digital Collage, Storytelling

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